Meesee at Enjoy House // Oct 2015

Happy Halloween!!!
毎年ハロウィンの時期になるとヘビーローテーションマッシュアップ " Denki Groove vs - Mononoke hate Dance " から妖怪繋がりでanna、Kernkraftとゾンビーなのをかけました。


Meesee 恵比寿音楽社交場
This upload was 15th in the Detroit Techno chart, 34th in the Mashup chart and 44th in the Hard Techno chart.

01. Mononoke hate Dance by Denki Groove vs. Charisma. com
02. anna - letmein letmeout by Takkyu Ishino
03. Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation
04. LOVE TRAIN by frank muller vs. takkyu ishino
05. Rock da beat by Takkyu Ishino
06. Turbo Boost(Original Mix) by Kagami
07. Street Stars Breakin' by DJ Tasaka
08. Mirror Ball Future Funk by Kagami
09. MAdNET by ksd6700
10. turn over by Takkyu ishino
11. Jupiter Jazz (ksd6700 mix) by Underground Resistance
12. Hi - Tech Jazz by Galaxy 2 Galaxy
13. Strings of Life (expectancy) by Derrick May
14. The Bells by Jeff Mills
15. The Searcher Part II by The Advent
16. Ghost in the Shell by Takkyu Ishino
17. Megatech Prayer MP3 by ksd6700
18. Down From The Deep by Rank 1
19. Cold Water by REGIS
20. ASUNARO SUNSHINE by Denki Groove
21. All Our Colours (Takkyu Ishino Remix) by Microglobe
22. Abstrakt (Joseph Dalik Remix) by NorTheq, Matthew Bomb
23. Arabescus (original) by Felipe & Nicolas Bacher Present Titanium
24. Fuckin Suckin by Traxmen
25. Technologic by Daft Punk
26. Speleon (original mix) by Cave
27. Good Life by Inner City
28. Upside Down by Denki Groove
29. Happy by Studio ETH

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